Association ACTUS - Professional and Social Activation of The Disabled People Association of Professional and Social Activation
of The Disabled People
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Supported employment of the disabled

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Programme of activity
  • Leadership of analysises and of researches of relating market of work across finding of free positions of work for handicapped in mediums (radio, press, tv), preparation of complex legal norms connected from employing of handicapped persons on open labour market directed to potential employers in context of accession of Poland to European Union (elaboration and edition of inquiry bulletin).
  • Creating offices of mediation of work for Handicapped basing oneself on compact and regular exchange of offers of work with district Offices Of work, with offices of careers and with other institutions connected with mediation of work.
  • Creation in frames of the web site of association, of relating service so-called of board of advertisements and announcements. Additionally in the web service would be with source of complex information about Association and widely comprehended to problems of employing of handicapped persons with special favouritism of firms employing handicapped persons.
  • Using this manner of mediumistic remittance, would be possibility of presenting Associations and of linking of wide cooperation with Polish and foreign institutions.
  • Linking of cooperation with employers across immediate relations personal with emphasis of ethical aspects, measurable financial advantages (reimbursements, free - affirmative mediumistic publicity) at employing of handicapped persons. Cooperation with higher colleges (profiting from essential knowledge of specialists, practices of professional handicapped persons, programme "The First Work", "Telework" etc.).
Social Rehabilitation handicapped
  • Organization of prices active researches of work at participation of clubs of work.
  • Advising and information about laws of handicapped persons -"Legal Clinic". Constants turns of duty wolontary- students of law and of administration.
  • Lectures relating advices oneself from disability and of conquering of barriers resulting from disability. Meetings for handicapped persons,their parents, their guardians.
  • Organization of integration entertainments and of fixed rehabilitation periods together with other organizations.
  • Spreading of world experiences in rehabilitation of handicapped persons. Solid monitoring publication from range of rehabilitation of handicapped persons.
  • Gaining overthe volontaries to cooperation and of help to handicapped persons.
  • Spreading of standards of rules of leveling of chances of handicapped persons among municipal administration.
  • Preparation of application about activity of association from centres of European Union.